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Saturday, 12-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
NAIL campaign 'banner drop' at Sneinton Boulevard, Nottingham

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NAIL campaign 'banner drop' at Sneinton Boulevard, Nottingham

Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill [NAIL] is campaigning organisation intent on drawing attention to the incineration of waste at the Eastcroft plant and the proposed expansion of capacity there.

On Saturday afternoon, a bunch of concerned residence and activists, hung a banner across Sneinton Boulevard to promote the campaign.

Depending on the wind direction, particulates and gas can be blown about, anywhere in Nottingham. But with the prevailing winds, the Sneinton area is particularly affected.

Drivers honked in support and passers-by stopped to talk to us, to find out what it's all about.


Nottingham's Eastcroft municipal incinerator is proposing to expand its facility, please support our campaign to prevent the expansion of this unnecessary, highly polluting, poorly regulated plant.

Our Labour City Council is supporting the expansion that will see other people’s waste being imported from the surroundings counties, to be incinerated in Nottingham to pollute our air. At NAIL we want our City to enter into the 21st Century and put incineration in the past, where it belongs.

We are campaigning to get our City Council to stop supporting the incinerator, oppose the expansion plans and end its contract with Waste Recycling Group and improve on its appallingly low recycling rate of 9 only %.

We must end the madness of incineration and the continued pollution of our most precious resource, air the substance of life.

We have a right to breath air free of dust, heavy metals, chemicals and substances that we know are highly poisonous and cause cancer.

Incinerators do NOT destroy waste, it is one of the fundamental principles of science that matter can never be destroyed; it can only ever be transformed. Incinerators basically turn rubbish into ash, gases and particulate matter. These gases and the poisons are spewed into the atmosphere, to the air, which we breathe. Eventually they fall to earth where we consume the poisons through our food.

Incinerators DO NOT destroy waste, our rubbish still exists we may see less of it, but we’re inhaling and eating it instead.

Why should the expansion be stopped.

Nottingham City has one of the lowest recycling rates in the country, only 9%. Instead of increasing this to a more acceptable level, it is proposed to increase the incineration rate by building a third line and importing other people’s waste! Proposals could mean that waste is imported in Nottingham from Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and incinerated in Nottingham to poison the residents of Nottingham.

Incinerators are highly polluting and poorly regulated.

They contribute to global warming.

They produce ‘Acid Rain’ gases.

Other wastes include toxic heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, tin, and other poisons such as PCB's and Dioxins, which are extremely cancerous.

The most poisonous substances, such as PCB's and Dioxins are only spot measured twice a year, so the overall discharged levels are estimated levels.

Traffic delivering rubbish to the plant and removing ash will increase by 50 % leading to local disturbance and pollution.

The incinerator costs Nottingham's Council Tax payers around a £1,000,000 per year.

Much of what the incinerator burns waste, which could otherwise be recycled, thereby reducing pollution & employing more people.

The current plant regularly breaches its authorised emission levels.

Recycling paper uses 67% less energy than manufacturing it from raw wood pulp.

Recycling 1 aluminium drink can save enough energy to run a TV for 5 hours.

Did you know?

Most of Nottingham City’s waste is incinerated, NOT recycled.
The proposed expansion will lead to industrial waste being imported from the surrounding area.
Manufacturing paper from recycled material not only save forests, but uses a third of the energy requirements than manufacturing it from wood pulp.
Up to 80 % of household waste can be recycled.
The City Council is losing £1 million per year of your money as a result of its heating contract with the incinerator.
A British study of municipal incinerators published in 2000 found that children living within 5km of an incinerator had twice the rate of leukaemia and cancers of other children.
The Sint Niklaas incinerator in Belgium met E.U safety limits but was shown to cause a 480% increase in cancer amongst local residents and shortened life spans by 12 years - it was shut down.

Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill [NAIL]
0845 458 2813
email: mail@nail.uk.net
web: http://www.nail.uk.net


Previous posts on Indymedia, about this issue. ...>

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Feature: NAIL campaign hammers on...

Friday, 11-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Armistice day :: Remembrance

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Armistice day :: Remembrance

I was in the Market Square, Nottingham, and I joined two minutes silence at 11.00am

11 hour of the 11day of the 11 month ..... Armistice [11th November 1918]

They shall not grow old as we grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
we will remember them......


Thursday, 10-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Memorial to Frank Robinson, the Xylophone Busking Man

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Memorial to Frank Robinson, the Xylophone Busking Man

Frank Robinson, AKA, Xylophone Man

A plaque has been unveiled in memory of a Nottingham busker known as the Xylophone Man.
The street performer, AKA Frank Robinson, died in July 2004 at the age of 73.

A memorial stone has been placed at the spot where he was often heard playing his Xylophone on Lister Gate, on the Broad March approach.

He was a regular sight in Nottingham city centre for 16 years, playing his Xylophone, [very badly!! but who cares.....]

Stephen Barker from Nottingham City Council said:
"I think it's important when people are a Nottingham landmark that we do what we can to mark their contribution.
"When Frank Robinson died people were very keen that something was done to mark the contribution that he made to life in the city.
"This is a simple and proportionate way of doing that."


"He always brought a smile to everyones face in nottingham no matter how good or bad the day was going.. he will be truly missed by everyone who walks the streets of nottingham. if only we had all shown more appreciation when he could know how much we treasured his lack of musical talent. this guy deserves total respect. rip frank you will be missed".

"He might not have had the status of a superstar but Xylophone Man was every part a piece of Nottingham as Brian Clough and Robin Hood."

Xylophone Man BBC Tribute Page:


Check out this interview with Frank at:

Wikipedia entry:

Monday, 7-Nov-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Lt.General Arif Hassan, of the Pakistan Army, Nottingham Univ.

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Lt.General Arif Hassan, of the Pakistan Army, Nottingham University

The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies hosted the Sir Stanley Tomlinson Memorial Lecture, at the University of Nottingham It was given by Lt.General Arif Hassan, Military Secretary of the Pakistan Army, on the subject: Pakistan in the shadow of International Terrorism

University of Nottingham http://www.nottingham.ac.uk

The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies (IAPS) http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/iaps

In 1996, a bequest commemorating Sir Stanley Tomlinson facilitated a series of high-profile public lectures and student prizes. IAPS also organises an annual research seminar series, and has recently launched a reading group that brings together staff and students to discuss key texts in Asian studies.

Ahead of the lecture, Professor Richard Aldrich, Head of School, School of Politics and International Relations, provided me with some background websites for intelligence, terrorism or low intensity conflict [a little homework] >>>

University of British Columbia Library IR resources list

Jafee Centre for Strategic Studies resources list

The Revolution in Military Affairs Debate

Professor Philip Taylor's International Communications site

The Federation of American Scientists

Articles from the Harvard International Review

IWS - The Information Warfare Site

John Pike's GlobalSecurity.org

Muskingum College's Literature of Intelligence

Maxwell Air University defence biliographies by subject

And, further reading :: an earlier post on Indymedia at: http://indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/nottinghamshire/2005/10/325673.html

describing some of the worries that many people have about the general's background and, countries that have aquiesed to the United States directives on terrorism matters.

Saturday, 29-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eye of the Storm Gig: Marcus Garvey Centre, Nottingham

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Eye of the Storm Gig
Marcus Garvey Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham Friday 28th October 10pm > 6am

The folks that put on this show, came from the Free Festivals and Travellers Scene. Free Parties, RTS and 'Gatherings'. In sum, most of the folks the CJA was created to outlaw.

I was doing some of visuals for the gig .....


A Criminal Justice Fact:
The people are growing stronger, in truth it is a fact.
That the power of the people's from the criminal in-justice act
They thought that they could put us down,
then right before their eyes.
All oppressed united join hands and swiftly rise.

The act it seems was drafted for a chosen few's convenience,
So what's left for the rest of us,
Down right disobedience

Ant, Plumstead

Previous posting about this gig, and Tash's history and background


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